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Alivio: Protecting the Future 

South Africa’s Credit Life Insurance Specialists 

Alivio is an established underwriting management agency specialising in Credit Life Insurance (CLI). We offer a full turnkey service to your clients while facilitating substantial annuity income streams for your business, at no cost and no risk to you. 

CLI protects both the borrower and the lender from the risk of non-payment due to unforeseen events such as death, disability, or unemployment. CLI policies can be linked to any type of loan, including mortgages, car loans, personal loans, and credit card debts. Our CLI products protect consumers from the consequences of default, provide lender security, and create annuity income streams for the businesses that sell them. 

Who can benefit by offering CLI to their clients? 

Debt Counsellors

Create maximum value for clients by substituting their existing CLI products with an Alivio CLI product and get the same benefits at a reduced monthly premium. By helping your clients, you also create annuity revenue streams for your business.

Brokers, FSPs and Intermediaries 

Ensure your clients’ debt is adequately covered in the event of a tragic or unforeseen event, and in the process, create lucrative annuity streams.

Credit Providers

CLI protects you if your customers are unable to repay their loans due to death, disability or unemployment, while also generating substantial recurring revenue and diversifying business income streams.

Employees' Families

Protect employees' families – and their loved ones – by making debt one less thing to worry about when the unexpected happens and saving them on their current CLI premium. 

Business Owners 

Your customers’ purchases/assets are protected in the event they can no longer pay their installments or service their debt. In the process, your risk is protected and it’s a proven way to generate substantive additional revenue streams.  

Union Members

Protect members – and their loved ones – by making debt one less thing to worry about when the unexpected happens and saving them on their current CLI premium. 


What makes offering CLI so lucrative?

Annuity Income

By offering CLI to your customers and clients, your business stands to earn annuity income streams from the sale of these policies. Annuity income contributes to financial stability and provides growth opportunities that lead to long-term sustainability in your business.


Here’s how annuity income streams can build a resilient and sustainable business model for all businesses, including brokers, credit providers, FSPs, intermediaries and associations.  

1. Enabling Predictable Cash Flow:

Annuity income streams provide predictable cash flows for your business, whether over a specified period such as the life of the loan or indefinitely, allowing you to meet regular financial obligations such as payroll, rent, and utilities.

2. Managing Risk Efficiently:

Annuity income can act as a form of risk management for your operation by diversifying revenue sources. Businesses with a mix of one-time sales and annuity income are less vulnerable to market fluctuations, economic downturns, or changes in customer behaviour that may impact immediate sales revenue.

3. Fostering Customer Loyalty and Retention:

Annuity income often comes from repeat business or ongoing service contracts, which can foster stronger relationships with your customers. Customers who subscribe to services or products on an ongoing basis are more likely to remain loyal, leading to higher customer retention rates and reducing the amount of time and effort required to acquire new customers.

4. Enhancing the Valuation of your Company:

Businesses with predictable and recurring revenue streams, including annuity income, are often valued more favourably by investors, lenders, and potential buyers. The stability and visibility of future cash flows associated with annuities can increase your business's perceived value and improve its attractiveness for investment or acquisition.

5. Providing the Confidence to Pursue Investment and Growth Opportunities:

Annuity income provides a solid financial foundation that allows your business to focus on growth initiatives, innovation, and expansion. With a steady income stream, you can invest in new products or services, enter new markets, upgrade infrastructure, or pursue strategic partnerships more confidently.

6. Financial Planning and Stability:

Annuity income allows for long-term financial planning and creates stability for your business. It can help manage debt obligations, fund capital expenditures, and build reserves for future contingencies or opportunities.

7. Gaining a Competitive Advantage:

Subscription-based services and annuity products give you a competitive advantage by fostering brand loyalty based on an ongoing relationship with your clients and customers rather than one-time transactions. 

Wide Application, Big Opportunity 

There are currently 25 million credit-active consumers in South Africa: that’s 42.16% of the population. There is a cost-effective, white-labelled Alivio product to cover every credit risk

Low Maintenance 

All our Alivio products are systems driven. We do all the back-end work for you, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Easy to Sell

The benefits of CLI far outweigh the costs, making it an easy sell. CLI fulfills a critical need for indebted South Africans who risk losing everything when unemployment, illness or disability strike. It also provides peace of mind that in the event of death, families will not be faced with foreclosure or repossession. CLI ensures that no debt is passed on to the estate of the client. And it’s affordable. At Alivio we pride ourselves on being able – wherever possible – to ensure that clients pay a reduced monthly premium if they switch from an existing CLI product to an Alivio product.

Bespoke Solutions

We know that one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to the complex world of CLI. We can develop, build, price and launch white-label products that can be sold under your brand, in record time.    

Proven Growth Potential

Here are three examples based on clients’ income for the 2023 calendar year, demonstrating the potential annual passive income your business can earn.  

Client A


Proven Growth Potential 80.73%

Jan 2023 Premium R 677 5079
Dec 2023 Premium R 1 2 244 774
Growth 80.73%


Proven Growth Potential 91.37%

Jan 2023 Income R 1 326 931
Dec 2023 Income R 2 539 366
Growth 91.37%.

Client B


Proven Growth Potential 59.41%%

Jan 2023 Premium R 2 781 834
Dec 2023 Premium R 4 434 455
Growth 59.41%


Proven Growth Potential 59.12%

Jan 2023 Income R 1 437 240
Dec 2023 Income R 2 286 952
Growth 59.12%.

Client C


Proven Growth Potential 153.04%

Jan 2023 Premium R 1 552 707
Dec 2023 Premium R 3 928 988
Growth 153.04%


Proven Growth Potential 153.04%

Jan 2023 Income R 621 083
Dec 2023 Income R 1 571 595
Growth 153.04%.

What would you need to do?

Depending on your business model and the type of operation you run, we can offer you either a full-service model where we take care of everything, or an intermediary model where you, as the broker or the FSP, sell our products. 

Full-service model:
Using one of our tried and tested underwriting models requires no administrative effort from you or your team. Simply refer an Alivio product to your clients, and we will do the rest, from onboarding to claims handling and payments. We take care of all the client touch points along the way, including analyzing their current credit agreement, providing the client with a comparative quote, initiating the substitution process, providing the client with the necessary fulfillment documentation, and handling all queries and amendments. Once your client indicates an interest in receiving an alternate quote, we do the rest. 

Intermediary model: 
As a registered broker or FSP, you have the option to do the initial assessment and sell the policy to your client directly. As soon as the policy is captured on our system, all the necessary policy documents are sent to your client. When it comes to claims, we take care of everything, from assessing to making the payment.

Why Alivio?

Speciality Insurance Underwriting:

Founded in 2018, Alivio has doubled its insurance book year-on-year since inception by building its CLI portfolio. We perform all five binder functions in-house on behalf of our insurers. This enables us to build, price, determine policy values/limits and wording and pay claims in record time. We stay abreast of technology and ensure that our systems are specifically geared to handle all aspects of CLI, from quoting to paying out. 

Tailored Solutions:

Alivio prides itself on developing bespoke, custom insurance solutions. We take the time to understand each client, market, opportunity and need and can re-engineer policies to suit your requirements and the specific needs of your clients. We are experts at developing credit life insurance products for niche organizations with very specific requirements.

Wide Industry and Regulatory Knowledge:

Our team of underwriting specialists is well-versed in the dynamics of the insurance industry. As Key Individuals, our CEO and CFO, a Category 2 KI, are responsible for ensuring that the business is conducted with the care, skill, and diligence that has made us the leading provider of CLI in South Africa.

Efficient Claims Processing: 

We understand that our policyholders claim during times of great transition for them and their families. They are often going through a difficult and emotional period of adjustment. We never want to add to their burden, which is why we have streamlined our claims process, placing our policyholders first, ensuring one less thing for them to worry about.

Easy and convenient three-step claim process:
1.    Report claimable event and submit supporting documentation
2.    Claim assessment
3.    Same-day claim payment (for all valid claims)

Competitive Pricing:

Alivio CLI products are sustainably priced and sold to save the end consumer on their monthly insurance premium.  

Solid Industry Partnerships: 

Alivio has strategic partnerships with leading South African insurance companies, including King Price Life and African Unity Life on long-term and Genric Insurance (part of the Old Mutual Group) on short-term licenses. Our relationships with industry-leading service providers ensure a seamless, up-to-date, and fair client experience.

Compliance and Security: 

Alivio is a registered financial service provider with the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA). An external compliance officer monitors our compliance policies and procedures to ensure fair play for policyholders and strict adherence to regulatory requirements. 
We are POPIA compliant and personal data is handled according to strict procedures to ensure client confidentiality and protect personal information. 

Client Satisfaction: 

We know that when your clients deal with us, they view us as an extension of your brand. Our credibility and success rest on our ability to deliver on our promises. Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) is embedded in our organization and is reflected in every step of the product life cycle, from product design and promotion, through advice and servicing, to complaints and claims handling.  

Who is Alivio?

Alivio has been providing full-service underwriting to its clients since 2018. Established as a general underwriting management agency, the company has found its niche in credit life insurance and is the go-to underwriter for insurance products designed to protect credit providers and their customers. The executive team, headed by CEO, Leroux Delport, and CFO, Wayne Liebenberg, are seasoned insurance professionals with hands-on experience in sales, pricing, product development, underwriting, corporate finance, client service and back-office capability and functionality. Alivio prides itself on the quality of its relationships, which are maintained by delivering on its promises. TCF is embedded in our culture, and we pay particular attention to the client experience which is underpinned by investments in technology and training. Alivio is a registered financial service provider with the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA).

Meet our CEO


Leroux combines a unique skill set, encompassing executive leadership, product development, underwriting experience, and an entrepreneurial flair with a deep understanding of the insurance and regulatory environment. 

Alivio Logo
Alivio CEO Leroux Delport

After graduating Cum Laude with a national diploma in marketing from the then Cape Technikon (now the Cape Peninsula University of Technology), Leroux caught the eye of Media 24 when he scooped their Young Marketer of the Year award and was given responsibility for rolling out a special media project for Die Burger; an experience that gave him his first taste of sales, and impressed upon him the power of relationships as a basis for success. 

Three years later, he joined the financial services world where he found his niche in the insurance sector. He moved rapidly through the ranks, from portfolio manager to Chief Sales Officer for a leading specialist insurer and finally Managing Director of a national brokerage with over 4,000 agents, laying the foundation for its transformation into a full-blown insurer. After eight years with the insurer, he was persuaded to join a young dynamic national brokerage, to head up their national marketing strategy; a two-year tenure that ended with him being appointed MD. 

Ready for a fresh challenge, Leroux was head hunted by a leading specialist insurance company, for the position of Chief Distribution Officer, where he launched the company’s first official individual product, and developed a reputation as a turn-around specialist. Before joining Alivio, Leroux was tasked with taking an established underwriting managing agent and Cat 4 administrator to the next level, which he did by developing and pricing a range of new products to complement its life insurance portfolio, overhauling the back-office capability and functionality, and acquiring an administrator with three profitable group schemes. Crucially, he diversified the insurer’s underwriting capability and category by structuring a short-term cell captive to create short-term business opportunities. He landed their first client, a massive national furniture chain, almost immediately, ensuring exceptional and rapid growth. 

In 2021 he joined Alivio Financial Services to expand its credit life offering and make it the leading CLI specialist provider in South Africa

Other Services

In addition to being the CLI specialists, Alivio can build and structure any bespoke long and short-term insurance product and solution for your company, such as: 

Funeral Cover

Alivio provides funeral cover for individuals, employer groups and affinity groups. The plans range from individual, family and extended family funeral plans.  

Funeral Cover

Designed by Alivio in collaboration with one of our strategic partners, this product is ideal for employer groups as well as individual employees such as domestic workers, gardeners, and caregivers. It is unique on the market and includes employee funeral cover, accidental death cover, disability cover, hospital cash cover, free private health care and discounted monthly food items. 

Income Protection Plan 

Alivio understands that the South African work environment can be tough and unpredictable. We have developed a unique Income protection plan that provides three cover levels and assists clients in the event of an accident, illness, retrenchment or temporary disability. 

Life Cover

Alivio offers life insurance coverage with limited underwriting requirements. No medical examinations or blood tests. Prospective policyholders simply complete a short health-related questionnaire. 

Production Loan Cover

In the first of its kind in South Africa, Alivio covers farmers and cooperatives against the risk of non-payment of agricultural loans. Production loans to farmers can be secured through a unique life policy that covers the outstanding loan amount with cooperatives but also ensures that any excess cover benefits the beneficiaries.   

Contact Us

Contact us to discuss how one of Alivio’s various underwriting models can be tailored to suit your needs and create additional annuity revenue streams for your business. 

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